Legacy HTML Report

Legacy HTML Report from version 1 continues to function in version 2, but is planned to be deprecated soon. Please consider using the Cypress Image Diff HTML Report.

For some reasons, you still want to use the legacy HTML report, add the following after hook:

// cypress/support/index.js for Cypress versions below 10
// cypress/support/{scheme}.js for Cypress versions 10 and above, where {scheme} defaults to e2e
after(() => {

The report will look something like:

Note: Baseline, comparison and diff images will only be added to the report for failing tests.

Legacy HTML report will be created following folder:

    ├── cypress-image-diff-html-report

Note: Report folder name for legacy HTML report can't be customized via REPORT_DIR, it's hardcoded as cypress-image-diff-html-report.

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