Custom config file

Options for custom config file

If you'd like to take advantages of additional features, you will need to set up the custom config file.

Create a file called cypress-image-diff.config.js. This should live along side cypress.config.js, in the root of the directory.

If your project is written in ESM module, then you would need to use .cjs instead of .js extension.

// cypress-image-diff.config.js
// cypress-image-diff.config.cjs
const config = {
  ROOT_DIR: 'custom-folder-name',

module.exports = config;

Note: In order to make this custom config values effective, remember to return getCompareSnapshotsPlugin instance inside function setupNodeEvents:

export default defineConfig({
  e2e: {
    setupNodeEvents(on, config) {
     return getCompareSnapshotsPlugin(on, config);

Currently supported values in the custom config file:

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